Some people are so irritating!

By some people, in this instance, I mean "me." I'm writing this article to scold myself. Self-flagellation, in a way. So it has come to this, has it Derek? My clients, colleagues, and friends will tell you I am a professional in every sense of the word, with many willing to go publicly on the record to endorse me. If you ask my shrink, however, he would tell you that when I get mad... When I really get going... Well, what I lack in brawn I make up for with absolute breathtaking rants. (Side note: Dr. J - re: shrink - wouldn't tell you anything. HIPPA and all that.)

What has me all worked up over me? Three things:

Idea Generation
Lack of Action
Leaving It on the Table

Idea generation

Every day I write a list of ten ideas. About anything. Except I haven't been getting to ten; typically, I just stop somewhere after five ideas. This is akin to doing pull-ups and stopping when it gets hard. Why bother? That's not even my style. If I'm in, I'm all in. If I'm out, I'm all out. Ten ideas, or more, is essential to growing my idea muscle, which is essential to both my happiness and my income.

Lack of action

I'm doing far less than what I'm capable of. The irony is that if I fix problem number one - generating more ideas - I will have more to act upon. It's pretty much that simple. Which leads me to the thing that really makes me @#%*!!!

Leaving It on the Table

There's a saying in sales: "You're leaving blood on the table." Don't ask me where it originates, but it basically means you're not making as much money as you could be as a result of your actions, or the lack thereof. If I up my game in idea generation, it will turn into action. Ideas + Action = Lots of Goodness! I'll be a better Derek. I'll make more money. The silver lining is that coming up with ideas and acting upon them is totally and completely under my control. 100%. I am responsible.

Okay, so I don't feel so pissed off anymore. Now that I got that rant out of my system, I have a few things to do... starting with writing down some ideas.